Quieting Your Inner Critic

I mentioned in a previous post about our inner critics.  I wasn’t fully aware of my inner critic until much later in life.  I just assumed that voice in my head that told me I couldn’t do something was a voice of reason and there was obviously good reason for it.  Well, was I wrong.  I wish I had learned to quiet that voice years ago.  I would have had so much more confidence to accomplish the things I wanted to do.  Instead I listened to that little devil and let it make my decisions for me.  I never thought I could run in my teenage years, so I didn’t.  I never thought I could play team sports, so again I didn’t.  I never felt I could be a leader, so I melted into the background as much as possible.  All bad decisions.

Why is it that even when everyone else knows we can do it.  We tell ourselves we can’t.  Why are we so critical of ourselves?  Think about a time when you really wanted something, but the little voice inside your head said no way, you can’t do it.  What did you really have to lose?  Was their financial loss?  Emotional consequences?  Or were you just scared that you would fail?  What does failing mean?  Everyone fails at something, at some point.  The difference between failure and success is getting back up and trying again.  You don’t fail, you learn.  You  collect data.  Everything you have tried along your journey is a learning experience.  You are collecting data.  What you do with that data is up to you.  You can take it and learn from it and get better and move forward.  Or, you can listen to that nagging voice inside your head that says I told you so.

Here is a good way to quiet that voice.  You have something you want to accomplish.  Write down all the pros and cons.  The worst case scenario and the best case scenario.  Lay it all out and base your decision on the facts.  Not the what ifs.

Life is full of decisions and if you let your inner critic guide them, you will never accomplish what you set out to nor will you reach your potential.  So shut that voice down and go be the amazing individual you were meant to be!


Greek Yogurt Covered Blueberries

Testing out frozen blueberries and Greek yogurt. So far Emma loves them ❤I added just a bit of vanilla and some maple syrup to plain Greek yogurt, covered the blueberries and tossed them in the freezer for half an hour. Yummy and super quick and easy!


26 Weeks and Fitness Update

26 weeks this weekend!! That means less than 100 days to go before we meet this sweet girl growing in my belly ❤️

I am so excited to have two girls ❤ I lay awake thinking of all the awesome things we are going to do together as they grow up. I feel so lucky ❤

My other baby girl is finally feeling a bit better, although her sleep is still all over the map. I can handle 3am snuggles, it just makes for one tired mama the next day. Which also means I don’t have the energy to push through a workout. My non pregnant self would just make it happen, but these days my energy is not what it was, my belly and body are getting bigger and bigger and I am slower and slower.

I find the last 2 months or so of pregnancy are the hardest, and I can feel I am getting to that point. Especially with the weather heating up. My plan is to take it one day at a time, workout when I have the energy, walk a lot and show up to my bootcamp twice a week. This week was a right off for bootcamp, Tuesday Emma was too sick to go and Thursday we planned to make it to another location since ours was cancelled but Emma fell asleep and I didn’t have the heart to wake her. You win some, you lose some. My health is a priority, but it takes backseat when my baby is sick. It’s only temporary, and I know I will be there next week.

I don’t know about you, but exercise and eating go hand in hand for me. If I exercise regularly I eat really good, if I am lacking in exercise my eating starts to slide. And in pregnancy, by slide I mean there is ice cream involved, lol ;). But here’s the problem in pregnancy, once you eat it, it is with you until the end. You can’t go running or do a workout to burn off the calories. It just moves to your thighs and sits there until you get the go ahead at 6 weeks postpartum to burn those sneaky buggers off!! Lol.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I really hope we have some sunshine. My twin nephews birthday party is tomorrow!! They are 8 now, which is just insane! I very clearly remember the day they were delivered and holding those tiny babes in my arms. I love them more and more each day, they just smelled a lot better back then 😉 Got to love boys 🙂

Here I am at 26 weeks pregnant!  Finally in maternity clothes!


My how the time flies

I was watching my daughter play today and realized how much she has advanced just since turning one in February.  It is hard to believe how much she knows and how quickly she picks up on things.  She can already pair numbers and match pictures, she loves stickers and colouring, she sings (in baby talk) and dances, and is so close to actually talking it’s crazy!  She repeats everything I say, or tries to at least.  This child amazes me every single day.  I love love love being a mom, I feel like i finally found a missing piece to this puzzle of life when I held her in my arms for the first time.

I cannot wait to meet this little girl growing in my belly.  I hope that her and her sister become the best of friends and I look forward to every experience we are going to have together.  Even the teenage years 😉

This is Emma with her favourite buddy Jet this morning.  These two are the best of buddies ❤


Run Like A Girl – Stirring my emotions

Honestly the best thing I have done for myself lately is to buy this book.  It is taking me forever to read through it because I feel like I am having epiphanies every other page.  I am taking my time so I can take notes and write down how I am feeling and how I relate to these woman and their stories.  So much of our lives are focused on looking a certain way that we often lose sight of the real benefits of exercise.  It becomes a vicious cycle, the eating, the working out to burn the food off and the struggle to feel good in our skin.  We lose the love for our sports because it becomes a chore.  It is so hard to strike a balance in life.  Especially when it comes to balancing ourselves.

I don’t know how to not push myself.  It is what I do.  I am my biggest critic and my inner critic is louder than any outside voice.  I know what most of my hang ups are I just haven’t figured out how to work through them all yet.

I do know that exercise, sports and fitness make me feel confident, more balanced and make me a better wife and mom.  But finding a balance with it all is tough.  It’s like no matter how much I do, it is never enough.  I am not enough.  I have gone through cycles where I work out until I am physically exhausted and my body just says no.  That’s enough.  And then I fall off the workout wagon for a few months because I can’t do anything half assed.  What is the point.  When in reality if I was able to strike a balance I wouldn’t hit that wall and I would be able to maintain my exercise without burning out.

It’s tough to live up to our own standards let alone societies.  Our culture plays a huge role in our self esteem issues and body image.  I can tell you with certainty that my girls will not own Barbies unless they do some major reconstruction on them to mirror what a woman’s body actually looks like.  I read today that if you were to apply Barbie’s measurements to a real life woman she would be something like 7 feet tall with an 18 inch waist.  Does that sound attractive to you?  Kind of scary actually.  I see all these teen magazines as I stand in the checkout at the grocery store and there is more skin than clothes.  And how does it make sense to ban shorts in schools when the standard issue volleyball uniforms are basically bathing suit bottoms?  What kind of mixed messages are we sending our kids?  Seriously, what are we doing to our youth?

Just my opinions.  I just feel like as mothers we need to be strong, confident role models for our daughters because we need to counteract the constant onslaught of mixed messages they receive in their world today.  We need to build strong bonds with them through physical activity and personal accomplishments so they see that they are worth far more than a picture in a magazine or an ideal that someone else has of them.  Teach them that sports and fitness is about feeling good, the physical appearance from it is an added bonus.  You need to feel good about yourself at any size, shape or stage of your life.

I will be honest I have struggled my whole life with food and exercise obsession.  It is something that has been ingrained in me.  I watched my mother go through it and constantly obsess about much she weighed and how she looked and no matter how much I promised myself I wash’t going to do the same thing.  I find myself on the scale more often than not obsessing about the numbers.  The scale is such a head game.  It beats up your self confidence and can literally make or break your day if you let it.  Best advice I have gotten this pregnancy was from my Doctor (who is awesome by the way) is to stay off the scale.  Yes it’s climbing, yes it is going to continue, your healthy, your fit, forget about the numbers.  Oh, I wish it were that easy.  I am going to to try, I really am.  But again this is one of those things I know I need to change, I just haven’t conquered it yet.  I will get there.

I really hope if you read this, you take my advice and buy or borrow Run Like A Girl.  It is changing my way of thinking.  I am loving every page of it.

PS I got to see baby girl number two today in an ultrasound.  Nothing makes me happier than a healthy growing baby.  She is a beautiful healthy baby girl and I cannot wait to meet her.

Recipe share for homemade dark chocolate

This is my go to chocolate recipe.  It’s not too sweet, a bit salty and all the bitterness of dark chocolate that I love.  It also kills the craving for something less healthy, which I crave more of in my pregnancy 😉

I haven’t tried many of the recipes on this site, but the few I did try, turned out awesome!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


My little family

I love my little family so much.  I feel so lucky to have such a great husband, who also happens to be an awesome father to our beautiful daughter.  My daughter Emma is the light of my life.  After years of trying to conceive, she was worth every minute of the wait.  She amazes me every single day.  She is smart and kind, she loves animals, has a ridiculous sense of humour for a 15 month old and spreads joy to everyone she meets.  We spend so much time together, especially when daddy is away.  We are very close, and I love that.  I am so anxious to meet this little peanut growing in my belly,  Just over 15 weeks to go until we finally meet.  I know this sweet babe will steal my heart as much as Emma has and I can’t wait to see them grow up together.  I have never felt so complete.  I am blessed in so many ways.