29 Weeks Pregnant

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We decided on Thursday to head to Cape Breton for a few days to spend time with family. Since it was Father’s Day weekend we figured we would visit Grampy considering months had passed since our last visit. Crazy how time just slips away when you are busy.

Hard to believe I am 29 weeks already. Still feeling pretty good, just slowing down a lot. Emma is not sleeping or napping like she used to and I am feeling the effects of it too. Last night, we both slept, in our own beds all night. Yay! So I am hoping to take the girl swimming today and get a little exercise and fun time in ❤

Still made it to my bootcamps last week and intend to make it this week too. I am hoping to just do drop ins for the summer as I don’t want to to commit in case I am just not up to or it’s too hot outside for this mama. I do plan to continue strength training 2 to 3 times a week from here on out though. It really makes me feel a lot better and is keeping the swelling at bay 🙂

Yesterday was just one of those days. I was super tired when we got home from Cape Breton and one look in the mirror sent me to tears. I never want to look a gift horse in the mouth because I am so blessed to be pregnant with daughter number two. But I am just feeling over weight and yucky. I have developed Melasma this pregnancy and it looks like I am wearing a mask. There are dark spots of skin on my cheekbones, upper lip and around my eyes and concealer is just not hiding it anymore and whether I wear SPF 60 or not the sun still makes it worse. I hope that it goes away after birth, but who knows. So if anyone knows of a good fade cream I might be interested in September 🙂

The last thing I wanted to do last night was to go to yoga but the best thing I did was to show up. I left feeling ten times better. Sometimes I just need to pack the pity party away and get moving. And not just when I am pregnant. It is too easy to get wrapped up in emotions and slide down that slippery slope of feeling bad about yourself. It is easier to sit home and eat cookies then it is to get up and get active. But in the end, the latter one actually makes you feel better 😉 Trust me 🙂

I am drawing up a healthy eating plan for the rest of my pregnancy today. Hoping to stick to it as much as possible. I really need to get my meal planning and eating back under control in the next couple of months before babe comes. It is amazing how quickly good eating can go awry without a bit of simple planning.

Happy Monday to you all! Thanks for staying tuned on my blog! I can’t wait to share my next fitness journey with you all and I hope that as soon as I am ready after having this munchkin many of you will join me in getting back in shape and living a healthy and fit life!


Personal Goals

One of the things that has always helped me reach my achievements is to write out my personal goals.  It is so easy to get stuck in the everyday and let things become idle.  I hate when I get to that point because I have never been a person to just be happy with the status quo.  I feel like if I am not improving or moving forward  then I am not growing and not accomplishing anything.  Sometimes I can drive myself crazy with this way of thinking but on the other hand it allows me to push through my comfort zones and achieve things I may have never thought possible.

Although I can and have put myself out there in the past, I am for the most part an introvert.  I have struggled with social situations and having to be in the spotlight in the past.  I have realized as I got older though that these situations not only bring out the best in me, they make me stronger and more adaptable.  Even just a few short years ago I would have never pictured myself to be a leader and now, today, I feel like I could not only become a great leader but also a role model.  My intent is to complete my personal training certificate before next spring and to get the ball rolling and everything in place to begin outdoor bootcamps in the area by next May.  I love working with girls/woman and cannot wait to get started!  One of the most motivating things for me and I would think other woman as well, is meeting personal goals, teamwork and accomplishing goals as a unit.  A few years ago I joined a bootcamp in the city I was living in and at first felt very shy and unsure but as time passed and I became a part of this ‘team’ environment it felt exhilarating and I felt a whole new sense of self.  It brought out a side of me I had never known and I found my inner leader.

I want to be able to offer this to other woman.  Woman who may not have taken part in team sports growing up, woman who may feel they don’t have the confidence to participate, or who may be too shy to participate in sports or team environments involving both sexes.  I want other woman to feel strong, empowered, beautiful and confident and I know that I can offer that in the classes and environment I have planned.

My goal over the last few years was to become a nurse and I have already taken many courses and steps in that direction.  However, after having my first daughter I realized that there was no way I could leave her everyday and miss all of her firsts.  I respect and appreciate everything nurses do, I just can’t commit to a career that is not family oriented anymore.  I can’t imagine missing concerts, graduations, first dances.  I waited too long for these babes to arrive in my life.  I love helping people and I love fitness, so I think there is no better way to achieve a good home/career balance than to get into the fitness business doing what I love part time, on my own terms and hours.

I cannot wait to get started next spring, my journey has already brought me so far.  My personal goals are always changing but the most important pieces always stay constant.

Pushing Through Those ‘I’m’possible Days

I was going to start by saying that today was just one of those days.  But in reality it has been one of those weeks.  Between the weather, the pregnancy and the lack of sleep, my motivation took a bounding leap out the window a few days ago, lol.  However, with a busy toddler and a husband that works away a lot I don’t have time to be lazy.  So, most days I just suck it up and keep on trucking. Ha.  There are days when a workout is the last thing I want to do, but in all honesty it should be the first because once I am done, I feel ten times better.  It is amazing what exercise can do for you not only physically but mentally.  The days when my body says “impossible” by mind says “I’m”Possible.  It’s a mental game most days.  And most days, I win 🙂

I am 27 weeks in now and up 30lbs.  Probably sounds like a lot of weight to most, and well it is good amount.  However I gained 70lbs in my last pregnancy and lost it all plus 10lbs in just 8 months.  This is how my body handles pregnancy, so I am just going to go with it.  I still feel good most days and the days that I don’t I just push through.  I love having my daughter around, she keeps me busy and occupied so I don’t have time to think about every ache and pain.  I am so thankful that this pregnancy is going so much better.  I can’t even imagine being on bed rest again and how I would even manage that now with a toddler to keep up with.

We are finally getting a little bit of sunshine here!  Thank Goodness!!!! We need it.