Ditching the winter blahs

Does anyone else struggle as bad as I do with the winter blues?  I feel like this winter was the worst!  I am so happy to feel spring in the air I could sing.  In fact I think my heart is already singing.  I just couldn’t get motivated to do much of anything this winter.  I struggled through my runs, found not one but two injuries, a torn calf and inflamed posterior tendons in both legs, and only managed to get in one or two workouts a week.  My food choices left a lot to be desired some days and I felt like staying in my sweats whenever possible.  It was a crappy winter.  Good news is, its over for this year!  Thanks goodness.

I feel my energy and my spirit lifted already ❤  I have been doing more trail running and less road running.  I started running with my girls in the double stroller again (man they got heavy this winter, lol) and my workouts are finally lining up.  I am back to healthy eating 80% of the time (minus Easter ;)) and I am generally feeling good.

I have really missed my outdoor bootcamps and the participants and can’t wait to get started next month.  I am doing drop in classes this year as I will be spending basically the whole summer camping with my girls and husband.  I want to soak up every minute of summer this year and I plan to be outside pretty much every day.  We have a new camping trailer and we are going to get full use of it!  My girls love being outside as much as I do ❤

I am so happy to get back to my blog, I have missed writing.  My journal caught most of my dialogue this winter.  I hope to update this on a more regular basis going forward.  I have lots to share and lots of pictures to post.  I want to share my running escapades in the upcoming race season and hope that my legs will hold up to allow me to participate.  They still aren’t 100%, but I am pretty stubborn so I am working hard to mend them.  Trail running is so much easier on them than running on pavement.

I am going to share some workouts that I have put together for my bootcamp classes and some strength workouts that I like to do at home for runners.  I hope you drop back to check them out!

Any tips with staying on track through the winter blues?  I would love to hear them!