A Bit More About Me

All of my life I struggled with self image, self confidence and disordered eating.  I remember being in Junior High School and not eating all day because I was scared to eat in front of other people or that I would gain weight.  I would live off of sunflower seeds for days and restrict myself to just one meal a day.  And when I say meal, I mean something like a hot dog.  This went on for years.  I can’t even imagine being that hungry today.  I can’t go more than three hours without eating.  And really, no one should.

Back then, my idea of a workout was a walk.  I would have given anything to have the self confidence to play team sports.  But I tried and I just felt like a fool.  Isn’t it awful that a young girl would have such low self confidence already.  I hope that my girls never experience any of that.  I planned from day one to build them up, to help them become strong, smart, confident girls and someday women.  To not talk about weight with them,  but rather about being healthy and strong and to involve them in sports and team activities as much as possible to help build self confidence and leadership capabilities.

I didn’t start to get into working out until I was in my twenties and didn’t get really into it until I was closer to thirty.  I wish I would have started sooner.  It took me all those years to realize that the more confident, more balanced me was just workouts away.

Over the years my workouts have evolved and my goals have gotten bigger.  From running 5ks to running half marathons and constantly challenging my times. From doing it just to be healthy and then challenging myself to getting very lean.  Every year I want a new challenge, a new goal to work towards.  To see just what this body of mine is capable of.  After two childbirths I am pretty confident I could accomplish anything if I set my mind to it.

I am so excited to share this journey and all my experiences with you.  I cannot wait to have my bootcamp classes up and running this spring and to help other women reach their goals, whatever they may be.  Every woman is in it for a different reason but with a common goal.  So let’s encourage and motivate each other on our journeys!

Cheers to setting goals and making them happen in 2016!


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