I’m Back! 4 months postpartum with baby number two <3

Where do I start?  Here I sit at 4am (it’s now actually 9pm two weeks later as I finish this) trying to tap lightly on the keys so I don’t wake either one of my sleeping babies.  This is about the only time I get to myself and within about an hour everyone else will be awake (or I will be asleep, since it is now night time).  These beauties of mine don’t sleep in that is for sure.  Maybe one day.  But for now I will enjoy the 4am (or 9pm) coffee and blogging.  Which I have missed. So much.  I continued to write on my Facebook page these last few months but never made it here to write, sadly.

It has been a whirlwind here the last four months.  Scarlett joined our family on the outside on August 30 weighing in at 7lbs 15oz.  She is healthy and beautiful and we are so in love with her ❤  The remainder of my pregnancy was good, the delivery was not so good.  I had a postpartum hemorrhage and retained part of my placenta after delivery, which had to be removed manually.  I lost a lot of blood and am having a longer recovery period because of it.  I struggled a lot in those first few weeks trying to adjust and being extremely fatigued due to having very low hemoglobin.  Believe it or not, the one thing that made me feel better and helped me feel more like myself was exercise.  At three weeks postpartum I was able to slowly start back into it.  I starting doing some at home workouts, yoga, some of the 21 Day Fix workouts and lots of stretching and walking.  I didn’t feel like my energy started to return until almost two months postpartum.  And even now, I struggle some days with my energy levels. If I remember correctly, I feel like it took about 6 months after having my first daughter to feel really good again.  Almost there 🙂

I feel like my posts are going to be all over the map for a little while, trying to play catch up on what is going on in our lives.  And the fact that my brain is all over the map most days.  I call it mom brain.  Well, that is what I blame it on anyway 😉

This year promises to be a great one!  There are so many things happening and so many goals I want to accomplish.  I can’t wait to blog about some of them!  But for tonight I am going to leave you with pictures of my beautiful babies and then quietly creep back into my room where the youngest of these said beauty’s lay sleeping and curl up next to her for some shut-eye before she wakes again ❤

family 2015 6family 2015 5


29 Weeks Pregnant

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We decided on Thursday to head to Cape Breton for a few days to spend time with family. Since it was Father’s Day weekend we figured we would visit Grampy considering months had passed since our last visit. Crazy how time just slips away when you are busy.

Hard to believe I am 29 weeks already. Still feeling pretty good, just slowing down a lot. Emma is not sleeping or napping like she used to and I am feeling the effects of it too. Last night, we both slept, in our own beds all night. Yay! So I am hoping to take the girl swimming today and get a little exercise and fun time in ❤

Still made it to my bootcamps last week and intend to make it this week too. I am hoping to just do drop ins for the summer as I don’t want to to commit in case I am just not up to or it’s too hot outside for this mama. I do plan to continue strength training 2 to 3 times a week from here on out though. It really makes me feel a lot better and is keeping the swelling at bay 🙂

Yesterday was just one of those days. I was super tired when we got home from Cape Breton and one look in the mirror sent me to tears. I never want to look a gift horse in the mouth because I am so blessed to be pregnant with daughter number two. But I am just feeling over weight and yucky. I have developed Melasma this pregnancy and it looks like I am wearing a mask. There are dark spots of skin on my cheekbones, upper lip and around my eyes and concealer is just not hiding it anymore and whether I wear SPF 60 or not the sun still makes it worse. I hope that it goes away after birth, but who knows. So if anyone knows of a good fade cream I might be interested in September 🙂

The last thing I wanted to do last night was to go to yoga but the best thing I did was to show up. I left feeling ten times better. Sometimes I just need to pack the pity party away and get moving. And not just when I am pregnant. It is too easy to get wrapped up in emotions and slide down that slippery slope of feeling bad about yourself. It is easier to sit home and eat cookies then it is to get up and get active. But in the end, the latter one actually makes you feel better 😉 Trust me 🙂

I am drawing up a healthy eating plan for the rest of my pregnancy today. Hoping to stick to it as much as possible. I really need to get my meal planning and eating back under control in the next couple of months before babe comes. It is amazing how quickly good eating can go awry without a bit of simple planning.

Happy Monday to you all! Thanks for staying tuned on my blog! I can’t wait to share my next fitness journey with you all and I hope that as soon as I am ready after having this munchkin many of you will join me in getting back in shape and living a healthy and fit life!

26 Weeks and Fitness Update

26 weeks this weekend!! That means less than 100 days to go before we meet this sweet girl growing in my belly ❤️

I am so excited to have two girls ❤ I lay awake thinking of all the awesome things we are going to do together as they grow up. I feel so lucky ❤

My other baby girl is finally feeling a bit better, although her sleep is still all over the map. I can handle 3am snuggles, it just makes for one tired mama the next day. Which also means I don’t have the energy to push through a workout. My non pregnant self would just make it happen, but these days my energy is not what it was, my belly and body are getting bigger and bigger and I am slower and slower.

I find the last 2 months or so of pregnancy are the hardest, and I can feel I am getting to that point. Especially with the weather heating up. My plan is to take it one day at a time, workout when I have the energy, walk a lot and show up to my bootcamp twice a week. This week was a right off for bootcamp, Tuesday Emma was too sick to go and Thursday we planned to make it to another location since ours was cancelled but Emma fell asleep and I didn’t have the heart to wake her. You win some, you lose some. My health is a priority, but it takes backseat when my baby is sick. It’s only temporary, and I know I will be there next week.

I don’t know about you, but exercise and eating go hand in hand for me. If I exercise regularly I eat really good, if I am lacking in exercise my eating starts to slide. And in pregnancy, by slide I mean there is ice cream involved, lol ;). But here’s the problem in pregnancy, once you eat it, it is with you until the end. You can’t go running or do a workout to burn off the calories. It just moves to your thighs and sits there until you get the go ahead at 6 weeks postpartum to burn those sneaky buggers off!! Lol.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I really hope we have some sunshine. My twin nephews birthday party is tomorrow!! They are 8 now, which is just insane! I very clearly remember the day they were delivered and holding those tiny babes in my arms. I love them more and more each day, they just smelled a lot better back then 😉 Got to love boys 🙂

Here I am at 26 weeks pregnant!  Finally in maternity clothes!


Second Trimester

I don’t know about you but I always find it’s the days I least want to workout that I get the most out of it. I woke up this morning feeling tired and sluggish and was almost dreading bootcamp. But we got there and I pushed myself a little harder today and left feeling energized and strong.

Everyone has those mornings, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. It’s how we deal with them that make or break the rest of the day. For me anyway. If I just get it done, I realize I actually love it and by the end I feel great!!
I kicked off my morning with a kale, chia seed, coconut oil, grape and strawberry smoothie. It was exactly what I needed to get moving!! And bonus, Emma even liked. I get greens in her diet wherever I can.

Second trimester for me is a huge struggle as far as food goes. I just want to eat carbs, and lots of them. Lol. I am pretty well on track most days but honestly, what would pregnancy be without some indulgences. Right!? I make the right food choices 80% of the time and the other 20% is where I fit the not so healthy stuff.

I love how much better my body feels this pregnancy. I rarely experience hip or back pain, which started almost immediately last time, and I don’t have the stiffness yet. All thanks to me being able to stay active this time.

Seventeen weeks until I meet this little beauty growing inside my belly. Emma already calls her sissy and kisses my belly daily. I hope that lasts when we bring her home outside of the womb . I can’t wait to have both girlies here with me.

I love this Buddha quote because it rings so true for me. I always feel mentally and emotionally well, balanced and in tune to life when I take care of my physical being.

Bootcamp Day 3

Day 3 of mom and baby bootcamp today 🙂 Pushed myself a little harder today because I felt I had the energy, but I know now that I am going to be sore tomorrow. Usually sore muscles feel good, but it’s not the same “hurts so good” during pregnancy. Still loving the class though and have been jogging a bit too 🙂

My skin has been glowing since I starting sweating it out a little more frequently again. My hunger is unreal though. My go to foods these days are still egg whites with either salsa or in oatmeal, kashi go lean cereal, smoothies or toast, PB and banana. Oh and I am still on a crazy egg kick. I craved them last pregnancy too. I eat eggs every. single. day. lol. It somehow never gets old.

I am happy to be kicking April to the curb. Although our names may indicate it, we are not related in any way, shape or form. Not this year anyway. I am welcoming May with open arms. It has to be a better month. Right!? I see lots of signs of spring, so I am very, very hopeful.

Taking a rest day tomorrow to let these muscles recoup and catch up on some stuff around the house and yard.

Happy first day of May tomorrow. May it bring green grass, beautiful buds and sunny days 🙂

Mom and Baby Bootcamp

Emma and I attended our second mom and baby bootcamp today in this pregnancy.  I have been doing at home Beachbody workouts for the last 8 months or so but really missed the social aspect of group exercise.  It feels great to get out and work up a sweat with such a lovely group of ladies.  The instructor is awesome and if you live in the Halifax area you should check her out https://www.facebook.com/RightFootForwardFitness?fref=ts.  She specializes in mom and baby bootcamps but also runs regular bootcamps in the evenings.  It is always challenging and always a fun time.

I got the go ahead today to continue on with the bootcamp from my obgyn.  Just no ab work such as crunches and I am to keep my heart rate under 70%.  Being an ‘A’ type personality it was very hard in the beginning to modify my workouts.  I don’t know how not to push myself.  But as I get further into the pregnancy I realize it is not about me, it’s about baby and listening to my body, so I have backed off a bit and am still going strong just at a lesser intensity.

The difference in this pregnancy and the last is unbelievable.  Last pregnancy we had many complications and I couldn’t do much but go for a short walk now and then.  My whole body ached and sleep was nearly impossible due to hip and back pain.  This pregnancy is going very well and I have been able to stay active and my body is very thankful for that.  I have very minor joint pain and sleep is a little easier.  MInd you, hormones still play a major role in me being awake at 4am blogging 🙂

On that note, I am going to try to grab another hour sleep before my little munchkin wakes up.

21 Weeks Pregnancy #2

I had my monthly appointment with my Obgyn this afternoon to review my 20 week ultrasound and my bloodwork.  All is good (insert sigh here).   Hormone levels are good, dating is good and baby is growing and thriving in there!  No complications thus far, which makes this mama a very happy one!

A quick little run down of our fertility history.  Before we had our now almost 15 month old daughter, we tried for over 6 years to conceive her. We tried charting, temping, ovulation tests, diet change, fertility drugs, an IUI that worked but then we miscarried at 10 weeks, then on to more natural methods such as acupuncture, seed cycling, chinese herbs and naturopathic medicine.  Nothing worked for us and we were labelled as having “unexplained infertility”.  My hormones were in the range of a premenopausal woman and I was told to give up we were wasting our time.  So, we did.  We started the process of public adoption, which is a very long process and can take years to get a child let alone an infant.  However, about 6 months in and 3 months living in our new home we discovered we were pregnant!  Totally unexpected!

After a very long, complicated nine months of bed rest and nerves slowly unravelling, we had our beautiful daughter Emma.  She is the light of our life.  We are blessed to have her and will be blessed a second time in just 19 short weeks to be able to give her a sister.

This pregnancy is completely different than the last.  I have been able to remain active, I feel good, there are no complications and I have a very cute and busy distraction this time.  She keeps me on my toes 🙂