Quinoa Granola Recipe Share

I just had to share this recipe!  My neighbour and friend Brittany made this granola for me and from first taste I was hooked.  It is crunchy and sweet but not too sweet.  I love it on yogurt, smoothie bowls, with almond milk or just straight out of the jar by the handful.

I always like to add my own spin on things so I changed the recipe slightly but it is great either way.  I swapped one cup of the oats for a cup of toasted buckwheat groats and left out the raisins, mainly because I didn’t have raisins.

Healthy Quinoa Granola

Try it out and let me know what you think!  Check out her website, she has some really awesome recipes!


Eat Fat To Get Lean

There is so much to learn about proper nutrition and the information seems to change almost daily.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that if I don’t get enough fat in my diet I am cranky, tired and have very low energy. On top of that I plateau in my fitness and weight loss goals every single time. I need fat in my diet and I get those fats from things like avocado, nut or seed butters, coconut oil and olive oil to name a few.

One of my favourite midday snacks is a piece of Dave’s organic seed bread with mashed avocado, salt and pepper. So delicious, filling and keeps my energy levels up all afternoon. Pair that with some egg whites or plain 0% fat Greek yogurt and your winning 😉

I eat a fairly high fat diet and definitely eat way more calories per day than any calculator has allowed me based on my activity level, size, age and sex. The difference is that I am way fitter now than I ever was when I just counted calories mindlessly. Point is, you have to look at the whole picture, every calorie is not created equally.

That’s my two cents and what I have learned by experimenting with my own diet over the years.

This article is a little lengthy but well worth the read.  I whole heartedly agree with it.  Especially the balancing of hormones which I struggled with in the past.  It took a nutritionist and naturopath get me back on the right track in order to concieve my two daughters.  I definitely blame my past restrictive/disordered eating on most of the fertility problems I encountered.



Dietary Changes

Although not breastfeeding anymore I have this low carb eating mentality that was beat into me somewhere along the line. It is not serving me well. At all. I run, I workout, I am studying for courses, trying to start a business, I chase a toddler all day long and am up all night with my youngest. By 7pm (the end of the witching hour) or bedtime😉. I feel drained, wiped out and ready to either a) binge eat or b) pass out or sometimes both.

I am sure many of you moms out there can relate. If you follow my blog you will know that I recently ditched calorie counting. For many reasons but mainly because it’s time consuming, counteractive for me and because I don’t want my girls to grow up thinking that is the way to eat. It’s not. I want to teach them to eat healthy and to enjoy the things they love, including the chocolate cake.

I follow Mama Lion Strong and today her Facebook status really hit home for me.  I need to rearrange my eating for the day and include more carbs earlier in the day so I am left feeling more satisfied and with more energy after the munchkins are asleep.

I have goals and I haven’t been able to get to them in the evenings because I crash so early.

I am hoping a few small dietary changes will give me just the pick me up I need to keep going😊

Here is the link to her blog, she also has a Facebook page I follow.





Slowing to a crawl

Babies have a way of forcing you to slow down and reevaluate your priorities.

Scarlett is a totally different baby than Emma. She needs more snuggles, has to be in my arms most of the day and will not sleep alone. She screams a lot somedays and my head aches. My back hurts from carrying her and my neck is stiff from her sleeping on my chest.

But this is my now and these are my tiny loves. I know this time will be gone before I know it and I will never get it back, so I slow down to a crawl on the days they need me most and move on with other plans on the days that allow.

My goals are always relevant and in the picture but not always in the forefront. And that’s ok. They will come 😊❤️

I have got a grand total of 5kms in this week 😳 Yep, that is all.  I feel like all my gains are slipping away.  But this week it is just not happening.  Taking days off is not something I have ever been good at.  But my babies have forced me to get better at it.  Being the sole caregiver most of the time is not always easy but being able to be home with them while my husband is the bread winner makes it worth it.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Although, I do look forward to having my own thing again and my own paycheck 😁

This morning with my toddler on a step stool and my baby in the ergo carrier we made several different dishes of healthy healing food to help us recoup from all this sickness.  My two favourite recipe sites are Oh She Glows and Detoxinista.  I can honestly say there is not a recipe on either site that I have tried and not liked.  I love them all!

We started the day with Green Monster Smoothies and Blueberry spelt pancakes.  Emma loves both of these ❤️  I usually throw a little extra fruit in hers to sweeten it up a bit more.  The pancakes didn’t stand a chance 😊


If you like curry, this recipe from Detoxinista is delicious and helps to fight inflammation.  It’s a rainy cold day where we are so this was nice warm meal for lunch.


I plan to get out on Sunday for at least 7 or 8k.  Our running group is meeting at 9am and I have a sitter for the girls 😃

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


MEC Race Series, Recipes and Good Riddance to January

This morning I had my first race in the series of five this year put on by Mountain Equipment Coop.  It was supposed to be a 10k race, that was what I had registered for.  However, the flu, lack of sleep due to my babies having the flu and the icy trail conditions led to a 5k.  I had all intentions this morning of still doing the 10k but when I got 4k in, I knew I was quickly running out of steam.  It was a 5k loop that was to be repeated and when I saw the finish line at the first 5k I knew I was crossing it.

Normally when I have to cut a run or a workout short I feel like I have let myself down and I am disappointed in myself.  Not today.  Sometimes you just have to listen to your body.  I knew I still had a 45 minute strength workout to complete when I got home and there was no way I could do both.  I am totally happy with finishing the 5k in 30:28.  Definitely not a great run time for me, but given the circumstances I will take it and be happy with it.  You win some and you lose some.  Keep on trucking (or running in this case) 😉

I was so happy to be in such great company for my run today.  Brittany and Lindsay were both at the run with me.  Brittany and I are pretty much on par for running times and were both severely sleep deprived due to our children today, so we stuck it out together.  Honestly, I love running with a partner.  It just makes it that much better.

Lindsay, is so much faster than me.  She placed in the top 5 out of 363 and won top female.  I aspire to her slow time 😉  She is an inspiration to me.  She sets a time she wants to hit and she makes it.  Every time.  She is competitive and humble at the same time.  I can’t wait to cheer her on again at the next race!

I couldn’t wait to get back home and snuggle my babies today.  Sundays have always been family and food days for me.  Comfort at its best.  I got my strength workout in while they napped and then with one baby in the carrier and the older one helping, we prepped some yummy food for supper.  Roasted cauliflower, sweet potatoes and baked chicken breasts.  We love desserts in this house and nothing tops chocolate.  Chocolate is good any day, any time.  In moderation of course, hehe.

This is the recipe we tried out today, it is actually pretty good.  It reminds me more of fudge than brownies.  Either way, it filled the need for chocolate.  I added two tablespoons of walnut pieces to the top before baking them.  I like texture in my food.  Nuts, seeds, anything with a crunch to it.  They worked out to about 77 calories per brownie if you cut them into 16 portions.  Not bad, no added sugar and lots of healthy fats.

Healthy 3 Ingredient Flourless Brownies

On another note, I would like to say ‘so long January!’.  I am so over you!  lol.  What is it about this month?  Every year I struggle through it.  It’s just kind of blah.  My eating is all over the place, my mood is kind of blah and I just feel tired.  I am welcoming February with open arms ❤  So much more to look forward to this month.  My oldest daughters birthday, Valentine’s Day (which my husband is actually home for this year), date night and I have courses to attend.  I love to be busy ❤ Speaking of which, we started Mommy and Me dance classes yesterday through the East Coast Dance Academy.  So much fun!  I love being able to do fun activities with my girls.  I can’t wait to go again next week.

Here are a few race pics from today of myself, Brittany and Lindsay.  Lindsay is the one without the hat on.  My lack of sleep shows.  Somedays I fantasize about sleeping again.  Good thing these babies of mine are so darn cuddly and cute ❤




Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

These little morsels are delicious, chewy, high in protein and totally hit the spot!

Here is the ingredient list.

1 cup of Chocolate Protein Powder (I use Bio X Chocolate Peanut Swirl, so good)

1/2 cup Natural Peanut Butter

1/2 cup PB2 mixed with 4 tablespoons of almond milk

1 cup Quick Oats

1/4 cup Honey

Mix all the ingredients together in a medium bowl.  Depending on your protein powder you may need to add a little extra almond milk to pull it all together.  Divide mixture into 32 balls and press out to a cookie shape with your hands (or leave them as balls if that is what you prefer) and place them on a cookie sheet in the freezer until firm.  Once firm you can just toss them in a container and keep them in the freezer for a quick fix when needed 🙂

I make 32 cookies out of this recipe and here are the nutrition facts per cookie.

Calories 56

Fat 2.4g

Carbs 5.5g

Protein 3.9g

If you prefer a lower fat version you can use all PB2 (mixed with almond milk).  You may also want to adjust the amount of honey you use depending on how sweet your protein powder is.  Mine is pretty sweet anyway so I really don’t even need the whole 1/4 cup of honey, I could probably reduce it and not notice a difference.

I am no photographer so please excuse the very lame photo of the cookies, they really do look much more appetizing than this, lol.  Oh, and a picture of the Bio X, it is the best protein powder I have tried to date.  So delicious.

The Mid January Slump And Snacks To Fight Back!

Here we are on January 19, in the midst of chilly temps, snowy days, early nights and getting less and less outside time due to weather, lack of sunlight or just lack of energy.  They say Monday was the most depressing day of the year.  I believe that.  This week just feels kind of blah.  I have been doing my ‘thing’ getting my workouts in, running and keeping up with my girlies but my oomph just seems to be missing.  Where did it go?  I want it back.  I was forging ahead with great ambition and I seemed to have hit a wall.  I need to find a way to bust through it.  I must just be building steam.  Yeah, that’s it.

Does anyone else get these mid winter blahs?  I want to get outside and shake them off but it has been a bit chilly for my four month old.  I hit the gym today to get in some miles on the treadmill.  It definitely helped, it was one of those days I could have run forever.  It just felt good.  But my girlies were at the daycare and lunchtime was fast approaching.  You don’t mess with a toddlers meal or nap times, lol.

I have been a snack monster these last few days.  So today I spent time making some yummy recipes to help with the cravings and fill the void.  Did I mention that I am a stress eater.  Make that stress eater extraordinaire actually.  I know when it is coming but I still can’t seem to stop it from happening.  I manage it.  I keep healthy snacks and foods within sight and make sure my meals are on pointe.  It usually hits when hubby has been away for an extended period of time or I have deadlines or courses coming up.  Or sometimes just because I put too much pressure on myself.

Anyway, I want to share some of the recipes we put together today.  The waffles are one of my favourites.  I usually eat them with cottage cheese and berries or bananas.  They are pretty delicious.  The two protein bar recipes are new to us.  I just tried them out today and literally just finished sampling them.  They are pretty good.  I mean, it’s no Quest bar, but they hit the spot.  Especially the chocolate chip cookie dough one.  I love chocolate in any form so I tend to make snacks involving chocolate.  The last one is a chocolate chia pudding from the Fixate Cookbook.  I follow the recipe but I put everything in the blender and process until smooth.  Then I refrigerate for a couple hours before eating.  I use 1/4 cup as a serving and add half a scoop of vanilla protein powder and mix before eating.  It is so good and makes an awesome pre workout snack.

I hope you enjoy some of these recipes as much as I do.  I don’t think I will be sad to see January go.  We have lots going on in February and March and then spring is just around the corner 🙂  Yay for that!




Chocolate Chia Pudding With Strawberries

I am siting recipes from the the Fixate Cookbook from two other bloggers sites as there is no direct link to the recipe book.